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About Autism

Autism is a different experience for each child. Autism may refer to challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors and nonverbal communication. Our team sets unique goals helping students reach their greatest level of independence.

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Our School

Our school responds to the growing need for education and services for 1 in 68 children, diagnosed with autism. The school team of teachers, counselors and therapists are certified experts in teaching and nurturing children with special needs.

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Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors has corporate savvy for innovative strategic planning and fundraising. Our Executive Leadership has decades of program expertise to respond with precision and compassion to the needs of the community. Together, this dynamic, dedicated leadership team has kept our school thriving for over 10 years.

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Our Executive Director

Our Executive Director has overseen the inception and growth of the school. Her leadership has enabled children with special needs to access the services they need close to home and their families.

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