Responding to the Community

The HeartShare School opened its doors to respond to the needs of the community. Get in touch to tell us how we can help.

Contact Us

The HeartShare School 
1825 Bath Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214

General Information

If you need general information, please contact the school’s main office at 718-621-1614.

Student Enrollment

If you would like to learn more about student enrollment or to schedule a parent tour, please e-mail

Community Partnerships

If you would like to provide community volunteer opportunities to our students, please contact Kerrie-Ann Fairclough at 718-621-1614.


Please contact our Human Resources Department at 718-422-3350.


Please contact Public Affairs at 718-422-4213.

Media Inquiry

Please contact our Communications Department at 718-422-3208

Pre-School Services

If you are calling regarding the HeartShare Taranto First Step Early Childhood Program, co-located at 1825 Bath Avenue, please call 718-238-4637.

To learn more about HeartShare pre-school programs in Brooklyn and Queens, please visit